If you are just after a cell phone to use in emergencies the best deal you will get is Tracfone.  This is a great Emergency Cell Phone Deal.  If you only carry a cell phone for emergency use.

Using less than 20 minutes a month? Tracfone is the Best

If you do not want minutes just access this is how to do it.  If you will  use less than 20 minutes a month, this plan could be the best for you.  You can keep service for less than $5 a month.

Buy the Phone AND Card from the TracFone.com Website
Buy the least expensive phone that comes with a phone card.  Currently that is the Motorola V170 with a 60 minute phone card for $19.99.  If this deal is over normally Tracfone will have a basic phone with a free phone card.

The reason you want to buy the phone with the card is because you get two months of service when you activate the phone AND when you add phone card you will get another three months of service.  Five months of service for $19.99.  You will have to buy two of these packages to get free freight.  Ten months for $40 is the cheapest deal on monthly emergency cell service you will find anywhere.

If you use less than 20 minutes a month I would categorize your use as and Emergency Phone.

To get the The Cheapest Tracfone Service Time buy the least expensive phone that comes with a Phone Card at Tracfone.com.

DMFL phones are cheaper to feed
If you are going to use the phone at all I would recommend buying a DMFL phone with a phone card.  These deals normally start at $80.  If you run out of minutes on your emergency phone before you run out of service time you are better off to buy one of the DMFL phone deals.  Check for the latest update on Tracfone DMFL Deals.

What is the Tracfone DMFL Trick?
If you want to keep a Tracfone that does not have DMFL. You can put Doubled minutes on your non-DMFL phone. Add the Tracfone Card to a DMFL phone. Then Transfer to the phone without Double minutes.

You can get a free Unlimited Double Minute TracFone with the purchase of a phone card on the Tracfone.com web site.

While transferring you will have to transfer all the service and minutes from the DMFL phone to your non DMFL phone. Say you have 400 minutes on your DMFL phone you will not be able to transfer just one hundred Tracfone minutes to your other phone, you will have to transfer all the minutes and activation time from your DMFL phone.

This is a great way to add doubled minutes to a non doubled phone.  I recommend always adding minutes to a doubled phone and then transferring the minutes to your non DMFL phone.

What is Tracfone Refer-a-Friend
Tracfone Refer a friend was a program that Tracfone Prepaid had. Referring a friend got both phones got 100 free minutes. Many people were referring themselves and getting thousands of minutes. I Bought several hundred Tracfones and got thousands of free minutes with Tracfone Refer a Friend. This program really got a lot of Tracfones out into the hands of cell phone users. Refer a friend was discontinued in 2006.

If you are going to use more than 20 minutes a month you are better off Buy the One year card with Free Tracfone Phone (LG 225 Camera Phone) for $100 at Tracfone.com.