Can I get Unlimited Calling with Tracfone?

At this time you cannot get unlimted calling with Tracfone. Straight Talk the sister company to Tracfone offers a $45 a month unlimited plan.

Samsung R451c, Samsung T301g and Motorola Razr

What is Tracfone Service Time?

With every Tracfone minute card you will get a period of service time. Most cards come with 90 days. If you run out of service time but you still have minutes left you will still lose your service. You must have both service time and minutes left to keep your Tracfone service active.

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Can I put a Tracfone SIM in a Motorola Razr?

You cannot currently use any phone but a Tracfone for Tracfone service. They do not offer a Razr. The sister company Straight Talk does offer the Motorola Razr with their service.

Tracfone Prepaid Annual Cell Phone Plan

Tracfone has two yearly plans to select from.

$100 Tracfone Annual Plan

They offer a $100 yearly unit card which you get Four hundred minutes (800 with Double Minutes for Life. This unit card nearly always has bonus codes available which will normally allow you to get an extra 200 to 400 minutes. Check here for the latest Tracfone Coupon Codes. If you only receive Eight hundred Tracfone units with this card it will only cost you 12.5 cent units and under $9 per month for service. monspin-030110.

$200 Tracfone Yearly Plan

Also you can buy is a $200 annual plan. This unit card will give you 1500 minutes 3,000 minutes with the Minute Doubler installed and a year of activation time. With Dmfl installed these units are 6.6 cents each and your per month price is below $17 monthly.

When using either of these plans should you run out of Tracfone units before the year is up you’ll be able to add more units by just purchasing another mobile phone card. Get $3 off on any Tracfone cellular phone or accessory $19.99 or more using coupon code 23444

Tracfone Motorola W376 and Samsung R451c

The $200 Tracfone Annual Plan

The $200 yearly Tracfone program is the best deal in prepay phones. No one else gives you the length of time you get to use the cellular phone while getting the low minute price of 6.6 cents a minute with DMFL.

What is Unlimited DMFL

Tracfone DMFL is Double Minutes for life of your phone. With DMFL you will receive twice the units that are stated on the Tracfone Unit Card. This will work for as long as you own this cellular phone. If you let your service to lapse the DMFL will work if you reactivate your cell phone. I do not suggest ever adding units on a Tracfone that does not have Unlimited dmfl installed on the phone. Adding two DMFL cards will not get quadruple minutes.

Buy the $200 Yearly plan and get one year of service and 3,000 minutes with DMFL. Please be sure you have DMFL installed Before adding the $200 card.

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